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        Michelle Naka Pierce

        Veronica Corpuz


        April 2003

        $14.95, paperback, perfect bound

        ISBN 0-9726063-0-0

        Cover art by renowned artist 

        Barbieo Barros Gizzi
















This book is a delight. That poetry can blast binaries to smithereens and follow the road of three (or more) is demonstrated with intelligence, wit and humor. The intellectual erotics of this epistolary conversation are magnified by an eros of metamorphic, hi-lo linguistic and gender-genre play. TRI / VIA is a collaborative act of love with its light and dark forces registered through a languagescape of ancient to contemporary lit, philosophy, science, mathematics, even the ubiquitous culture of the questionnaire. It continually surprises!

—Joan Retallack


TRI / VIA is everything it says on the last page—a  pyrotechnic set of meditations and variations on the epistolary, along with terrific send-ups of postmodern theoretical jargon and hegemonic style manuals and questionnaires. Michelle Naka Pierce and Veronica Corpuz know that “Every sentence begins with a new world,” and it is a very exciting place.

—Anselm Hollo


Michelle Naka Pierce and Veronica Corpuz realize that one of the things humans do when they talk with each other is pun and play and so TRI / VIA  is full of loving exchanges that are both excellent and fun. 

—Juliana Spahr


In TRI / VIA, Michelle Naka Pierce and Veronica Corpuz have created a courtship in the form of a book-length poem. TRI / VIA has three seers: the authors, the viewers and the words—a tri-lateral voice that begs for challenge. Skirting improvisation’s surface and information’s dig into your brainhole, Pierce and Corpuz ask you to bare your wit by offering con/verse/sens/ations alive with phrase, in a poetry that startles convention and breathes glitter intimacy.

—Edwin Torres




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